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Server Error

Well looks like I have some free time tonight.. as the server company has shut down the wrong server. I have 2 ways to deal with this.. cry, panic be angry or have faith, smile and enjoy a few hours off while they fix their error. I choose door number 2… going to sit outside with Chuck and have a wonderful night. I hope my customers will not be too upset for this inconvenience. It is out of my hands. Sending Love and Light to all………….

Great Audio Book

Prayer for all Entrepreneur’s - For My Friends Have a Prosperous Week

Gov’t Mule - Soulshine 2007 with Greg Allman, Trey Anastasio and Derek Trucks

How To Muscle Test Yourself, Balance Me; The Body Edition, Let Your Body…


Bear necessity

She has been on target so far for June

We Are The World

Aerosmith - I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing


Lunar Moon Rise | by: [Captain Kimo] 


Lunar Moon Rise | by: [Captain Kimo

"In the Stillness", 

"I’ll Light A Candle"